Social Media Management

Social media has completely changed the way consumers purchase goods and services; it has opened the door to more interactive brand engagement and consumer communication. The powershift from brand to consumer was swift, and now the social media strategy a brand creates will determine the relationship it has with its consumers. 

Consumers and businesses can now communicate likes and dislikes like never before. Brands that choose to use social media to connect with their audiences and take the time to understand their needs, will be in a better place than ever before possible. By reaching consumers with extremely efficient ROAS, the brand can nurture more return business, referral business, and also new business.

Brands that have failed to adapt, or new brands who lack the internal resources to execute useful social media strategies, will suffer from a low trust factor among their target consumers. A lack of use of social media strategies will result in a lack of trust on the part of the consumer. 

Social media is no longer exclusively about creating brand awareness. Studies find consumers utilizing it later in the sales journey to satisfy quality and trust inquires. Consumers do not only find new brands on social media outlets; they circle back to social media to confirm the business claims after accessing brand promises on the businesses landing pages or lead captures.

Social media management is the process of; creating content in the form of a written message, blogs, pictures and videos, scheduling the content to be posted at the optimum time for user exposure and engagement, analyzing the outcomes from the various campaigns, and responding to consumers, affiliates, and affiliate content.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook: With a staggering 2.38 Billion Users Facebook is the largest and most well-known social media platform. It is also the most engaged with 66% of its users logging into the platform daily, as high as 74% in the United States. Facebook was designed for relationship building, and it is still one of the best tools for building brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Instagram: Acquired by Facebook back in 2012, Instagram is the second largest Social Media Platform. It shares a similar feel to Facebook with a more streamlined experience, utilizing pictures and videos for communication. Instagram now boasts 1 billion users, with 50% using the platform daily. Instagram is excellent at creating brand awareness and lead generation.

Twitter: Created in 2006 Twitter has 269.6 Million Users, that platform is used by celebrities, politicians, Business, and consumers to share announcements, news, and ideas. By depending on a primarily written format, Twitter is the Public Relations outlet of the social media world.

LinkedIn: One of the longest running social media outlets, LinkedIn debuted all the way back in 2002. To date there are 500 Million Users, 250 Million are active monthly users. The platform is used for Business to Business interaction, networking and development, and is now considered the best return on investment for B2B social advertising.

YouTube: YouTube has surpassed even the wildest expectations. It is the second most used search engine, with 1.9 Billion monthly active Logged in users. Consumers use YouTube for How to Videos, Entertainment, and Idea Sharing. It is an excellent platform for Brand awareness if you have a team to create the robust content it requires. Large enough “Youtubers” or “Influencers” can also be used to push your brand awareness to their own often times large following.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a unique platform in the fact that so many sites link its content. Picture sharing, originally used for digital scrapbooking, has now grown to be a very successful social media platform. With 50% of its new users being men, the platform has continued to expand its reach with excellent images and iconography uploaded by its user base. Pinterest has 250 Million monthly users, 83% of which are women 25-54.

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Stages of Social Media Marketing

Research:  Market, Consumer, Competition

Strategize: Audience Engagement

Creating Content: High Quality Branded Imagery and Videos

Schedules: Organize & Automate for consistency

Active Management: Responding to Consumers, Engaging; prospects, business affiliates & influencers

Paid Social Advertisement: Efficient ROAS, precise targeting and detailed analytical feedback